Summer in Lapland: Miekojärvi Arctic Circle lake in Pello

Visit Miekojärvi in summer, the Arctic Circle Lake in Pello in Finnish Lapland. Pello, the official Fishing capital of Finland, is located in Western Lapland. Miekojärvi is the most beautiful lake of Pello and of the region. With its location at the arctic circle, Miekojärvi is called the “Pearl of the Arctic Circle”. Lake Miekojärvi is the largest lake in the western part of Finnish Lapland, with an area of approximately 53 km².  The lake draws water from several other lakes and numerous river basins. The waters continue from Miekojärvi through the Tengelionjoki river to the Tornio River and then into the Baltic Sea. Miekojärvi is also a great place for sander and pike fishing in Lapland. Pello is however the most-know as salmon fishing in Finland

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