Folk Car Race Poikkinaintiajot jokamiehenluokka in Pello in Lapland, Finland

Each summer the local automotive sports club Pellon Moottorikerho organizes a four-day race called Poikkinaintiajot in Pello, Finnish Lapland. The event in Pello, an Arctic Circle destination, is of the jokamiesluokka class taking place around mid-July. The sport “jokkis” has become increasingly popular, and each year the number of competitors continues to grow. Jokamiehenluokka races, also known as “Folk Race” and jokkis in Finland, are amateur car competitions with specific rules:

  • Open Participation: Everyone can participate, regardless of experience level.
  • Limited Cost: Cars must be inexpensive, with a strict limit on the total cost of the vehicle.
  • Safety: Cars must be modified for safety reasons, including roll cages and standard safety equipment.
  • Equal Opportunity: The races are designed to limit financial advantages, thereby encouraging fair competition.
  • Mandatory Sale: After each race, participants must be ready to sell their car for a fixed price determined by the rules, to maintain fair access and prevent excessive spending on vehicles.

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